I live, breathe and drink the Kool-Aid, which for me is sake. It runs through my veins, maybe a little too literally. But telling the story behind the sake (rather than just drinking!) is my job and passion – I hope to do it justice and play at least a small role in sharing what makes sake so special.

I’ve worked with sake for over 10 years across Canada, talking, teaching and guiding people through the amazing but sometimes intimidating world of sake. And in 2016, I became a WSET certified Level 3 Award in Sake assessor and instructor.

I started my sake career as my grandfather’s sake mule, carrying bottles as big as myself (I am Japanese after all!) as a kid. During the instructor course in Japan, being the super geek that I am, my favourite part was visiting the National Research Institute of Brewing in Hiroshima and talking to PhDs about esters and different smells in sake. I’m also proud to say that I’ve never done a sake bomb. Yet.

In my day to day, I help breweries position themselves in the Canadian market, through creating or adapting a brand identity that is authentic and true to who they are. Please contact me for any questions or comments regarding sake, Japanese food & wine culture or sake marketing. Hope to hear from you soon.


Mariko Tajiri



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