My trip to: Canmore Uncorked

On April 12th, I poured wine and sake for 400 people. I was scared. Do you know what 400 people at a wine tasting looks like?

It looks like this:


And this:


Honestly, I though doing a public tasting for 400 people by yourself wasn’t going to be too hard, until I realized that there was 400 people.  So I put on a brave face instead of curling up in a ball and waited for the masses or mean, gnarly, people ready to pounce on me if I didn’t give them what they wanted. What I faced instead were some of the nicest, friendliest, open-minded people I have ever met.

I got questions about sake that were insightful and people were genuinely curious. And no one came to me with a beer, ready to do a sake bomb. Figure that!

It shouldn’t really have been a surprise, considering that they live here: IMG_5273

And that the organizer of the event, Kevin, who owns Crush & Cork in town, is also one of the nicest, curious and passionate people I have come across. Doesn’t hurt that he’s got a kick-ass store (with beautiful new shelves, I might add) with a great sake and wine selection.

Even after 7 years of doing this, it’s always nice to be reminded that there are unexpected markets and people that get good sake and have passion for what they do. It makes it worth traveling to -30 degrees places to do sake dinners in the winter or carrying 30 cases of sake up the stairs for a delivery.  At least in hindsight!

Crush & Cork – Wine, Beer & Spirits – Canmore:

  • 117-1000 7th Avenue
    Canmore, AB T1W 2A7